K&A Insulation Ltd are PAM Ties, Damp & Timber Treatment approved contractors. We undertake a variety of Damp issues, ranging from rising damp issues through to condensation & underfloor Ventilation systems.

  This PIV unit was fitted to a property suffering from severe Damp and Black Mould problems, due to condensation. This particular install was fitted with a heater icorporating a room Thermostat, to gently warm the air entering the property. It also comes as an unheated version.

This section of Timber flooring was removed from a property that had poorly fitted Cavity Wall Insulation fitted. The Sub-floor vents had not been Sleeved, thus restricting air flow, causing a build up of excessive moisture, eventually leading to timber decay.

This sample of Cavity Wall Insulation was removed from a property suffering from Damp on its exterior walls. The Insulation material was extracted using specialist equipment & the problem was rectified.