We offer fast & competitve Cavity Wall Extraction

Cavity Wall Extraction In Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, West Yorkshire, Derbyshire & the North West

cavity wall insulation removal

Let us simplify the Cavity Wall Extraction Process for You!

We offer fast & competitve Cavity Wall Extraction

Extraction of Cavity Wall Insulation Across Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, West Yorkshire, Derbyshire & the North West

Using specialist equipment and machinery, our trained Technicians can remove defective cavity wall insulation, causing little disturbance to the fabric of the building or to you. Our Insulation removal specialists can undertake the extraction of Rockwool, White Wool, Yellow Wool &  bead Insulation products from the cavity walls of domestic and commercial properties across the Northwest of England.

Our removal process

The failed/Damaged cavity wall insulation is removed using an industrial Cavity Wall  vacum machine. A nozzle using high pressured Compressed Air will be positioned using the drilling pattern from original fill. The removal of material starts at the base of the property, working its way up, using various air tools using the drilling pattern, checking that the entire cavity wall is free from Insulation material. All waste material is collected during the extraction process into Sealed bags and no waste materials are left behind. The cavity wall extraction process can take up to two days to complete in an average three-bedroom detached property.

wet insulation

Why would cavity wall insulation have to be removed?

The cavity wall insulation removal process can be carried out for a number of reasons including: Defective cavity insulation material such  (Wet) or (missing) White and Yellow Wool, which when wet, not only can this damage your property internally but can also cause

Wet and Dry Rot to Structural Timbers. It can also have the adverse effect of drawing Heat out of your property, increasing your fuel bills, NOT reducing them. An Insulation type called (Urea-formaldehyde) product can break-down and release toxic gasses. Early forms of foam insulation had this risk and was not covered by the same stringent BBA certification licences or given the same 25 year guarantee through the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA) as modern insulation materials do today. Cavity Wall insulation can become defective due to a number of reasons such as flooding, porous brickwork, defective pointing or through burst pipes in the Loft space. Poorly installed cavity wall insulation, installed with an incorrect drilling pattern or at the wrong density can result in damp and condensation issues. You may also be eligable to claim against your house Insurance to please contact us for details.

Wet/Damaged/Failed Insulation can often be misdiagnosed as Rising Damp. If left untreated, it can go on to cause possible future problems and expensive damage.

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Damp Walls

Flaking Paintwork

Peeling Wallpaper

This property unfortunatley suffered a very common problem of a leaking pipe into the cavity. It is actually the wet Insulation inside the cavity that is causing the wet staining. This area of wall is now drawing heat out of the property, increasing your energy bills. If left, it could also start to Rot Floor Timbers, Corrode Wall Ties & damage Internal Decoration.

Black Mould

Did you know that black mould could be a sign of poor or faulty Cavity Wall Insulation?

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A Sample of White Wool Insulation taken from a Cavity Wall in a high exposed area.

during the process extracting of White Wool from a property suffering from Damp.

Clear Cavity, Post Extraction

Don’t let your old cavity wall insulation pose a risk.

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