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Did you know you can insulate your external walls to reduce your energy bills?

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K&A Property Solutions are a family run business based in Oldham, Lancashire. We have over 20 years within the building industry covering many aspects, catering for all our customers needs. Covering the North West of England we specialise in the removal and extraction of various types of cavity wall insulation including white wool, yellow wool, polystyrene beads & foam. These insulation types can become extremely wet & render it’s qualities useless. If left within the cavity it can cause serious problems. Please see our Extraction page for job specific photos. Like Wet rot of structural timbers, wet damaged plaster that will have to be removed and replaced. Erosion & failure of wall ties. All these potential problems are or can be very costly to fix. We at K&A property solutions understand this, so we have teamed up with a legal team to help pursue a possible claim on your behalf, on the grounds that the cavity wall insulation is found to be poorly fitted or should have never been fitted in the first place due to its exposed location, ie Coastal areas. During the extraction process we undertake the inspection of structural timbers for decay/wet & dry rot, also wall tie and DPC condition, ensuring that any problems arising from the defective cavity wall insulation are addressed correctly.

          We can also carry out additional building services to your property such as internal and external alterations, extensions, conversions & the Installation of External Wall Insulation, Internal Wall & Underfloor Insulation. Please click on our Building & Renovations page for more illustrations of our work.

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